Riesling D.o.C. “Essenza”

Riesling D.o.C. “Essenza”

Steady White

Produced with a selection of Riesling Italico (50%) and Riesling Renano (50%) grapes, from 60’s years old vines with a production of 6 tons per hectare. After crushing the grapes are coald soaked for one night and the day after the must is racking and let fermented at 16°C for 10 days.

Color: yellor with golden reflex

Bouquet: very intense and complex flavor

Taste: balanced, smooth, delicate with perfect body

Alcohol: 13% vol.

Pairing: starters, first courses, good with fish dishes and shellfish. Served at 8°C is god as aperitivo.

Best served at 12-14°C