Bonarda D.o.C. “Campo del Sasso”

Bonarda D.o.C. “Campo del Sasso”

Sparkling Red

Produced from a selection of croatina grapes of “Campo del sasso”’s vineyard in the municipality of  Castana. After crushing, the grapes are soaked for one week at 18°C and after many of pumpover the wine is racked and let fermented till it gets the right quantity of residual sugar for being bottled.

Color: deep ruby red

Flavour: intense, wither fruits hints, floral and spicy

Taste: medium body, fairly sweet, medium body, slightly tannica, long finish.

Alcohol: 12,5%

Pairing: cold cuts, agnolotti with meat sauce and first courses in general, barbeque.

Best served at 18-20°C.