Buttafuoco Storico “Vigna Costera”

Buttafuoco Storico “Vigna Costera”

Steady Red

Our company joined in the Buttafuoco Storico club in 2001 and we decided to use the grapes of
Vigna Costera’s Vineyard for the production of this fascinating wine, our primary product.
After carefully thinning clusters and sorting grapes to enable a perfect ripeness, different grapes
such as Croatina (55%), Barbera (25%), Ughetta di canneto (5%)and uva rara (15%) are blended
according to tradition. The wine ages for 12 months in oak barrels and for at least 6 months
in bottles. After 36 months from the harvest the wine is sold but only if it satisfies our quality

Grapes: Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara, Ughetta di Canneto
Vineyard’s location: Montescano, vigna Costera
Soil: clay e sand
Vinification and fermentation: steel tanks
Aging: tonneau e barrique

Color: deep ruby red, brilliant
Bouquet: refined, intense, with red fruit hints, cherrys, plums, spicy and mineral
Taste: full body wine, good balance, great personality with long finish
Alcohol: 14,5% vol.
Pairing: good with braised meat, red meat dishes, first courses with meat sauces and with cured
Best served at 18-20°C.


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