Demijohn 2.0

Demijohn 2.0

Bulk wine

The “Demijohn 2.0” was born with the desire to return to the tradition of our winery but reaching a new and young target. For some time now we are surrounded by the concept: do-it-yourself. The “home made” or “hand made” has returned, we see tutorials of all kinds, from how to style your hair to how to make bread … but has anyone ever told you how to bottle the wine?

Guys, with our 34 l demijohns you can create 40 bottles of wine with a 50% saving compared to the purchase of our finished product! You will have the opportunity to experiment with different techniques, creating a ready-to-drink, still or sparkling wine and wines that you can keep in the cellar for a few months and why not, make a unique gift … made by you!

In demijohn you will find the same wine as our bottles!

If you are a white wine lover, in demijohn 34 l you can taste:
Riesling IGT
Cortese IGT

If  you want to taste the tradition of our reds:
Croatina IGT
Barbera IGT
Table wine

Here the ingredients you can find together with the demijohn 34 l , at a super affordable price!

40 certified and safe corks.
(Provide a capping machine)

40 glass bottles ready to use.
Ready-to-drink wine: bottle immediately.
Wine to be consumed in the coming months: wait for the right moon, a sunny and unventilated day …
(ask us for more info).

40 white adhesive labels, to personalize your wine!

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Total price, and with free home delivery: 85 €

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