Buttafuoco chinato “Chinà”

Buttafuoco chinato “Chinà”


Exclusively made with Buttafuoco wine infusion for about 2 months with herbs, seasonings and cinchona.
It is a wine of excellent structure, particularly suited after a meal. It reaches 16%.

Grapes: Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara
Vineyard’s location: Canneto Pavese
Soil: clay and sand
Vinification: steel tanks
Aging: infusion of about 60 days with China and aromatic herbs

Color: ruby red with brilliant nuances
Bouquet: delicate hints of wild berries and blackberry mixed perfectly with balsamic notes and spices
Taste: The elegance and softness of this passionate full-bodied wine is obtained by the aging in
small oak barrels and the medicinal herb infusion made up of cinchona bark of china calissaia,
quasso wood, gentian roots, kardamon seeds, juniper berries and chamomile.
Alcohol: 16% vol.

Pairing: good as a fresh aperitif with selz, excellent as a liqueur. It should be paired with dark chocolate
Serving Temperature: 16°C as digestive, 8°C as aperitif


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