The Estate Maggi Francesco was founded around the 40’s in Montescano, with 3 hectares only, in hard times during which war and poverty ruled.  In the 1970’s, the current owners had an innovative idea of moving the head office to Canneto Pavese, the centre of the Oltrepò which is known for its grapes and its prestigious wines.

Right from the start, the Company enhanced its tradition, its culture and the flavor of its hills and until now,  it follows those customs to manage its business. The company is spread out over 25 hectares of vineyards divded in four towns; Canneto Pavese, Montescano, Castana and Montù Beccaria.  These areas are  known for its excellent wines certified DOC such as Buttafuoco, Sangue di Giuda, Bonarda, Barbera, Pinot Noir, Pinot Chardonnay, Riesling, Muscat and last but not least, the superb, Historic Buttafuoco.

To achieve this accomplishment, the grape harvest is done meticulously by hand to keep the skins intact until the grape crushing, which is done at a controlled temperature in the winery.  The pruning is a fundamental operation for the production of important wines and is carried out exclusively by a few experienced people.

Our work is closely connected to the climatic conditions, this means that from one year to another, the quality of the wine can change and, anyway,  it is important to highlight  that the wine doesn’t have to be always the same, every time, as the harvest is never the same from one year to another, in terms of quantity and quality.

The relationship of trustability with our Customers is our main focus: the private consumers cover quite the 70% of our sales.  All our efforts in producing high quality wines were and still are rewarded by their precious word of mouth – the oldest  kind of authentic advertisement.