The Oltrepò

The name means “Land beyond the Po.” During the years, the richness and fertility of this magnificent area have manifested itself tank to the high level of agricolture and viticulture.

The main activity on the hillside of Oltrepo Pavese is the vine cultivation.  There, high quality grapes are produced that allow for an excellent final product.


Today, the Oltrepo is the most fascinating agricultural reality in our country. Thanks to the great work carried out to improve the majority of our wine quality, development towards the importance and the image of this area is always growing.

Canneto Pavese is found at the centre of the Oltrepo where the vine cultivation for wine production is a thousand-year-old tradition. The vineyards spread across the face of the horseback hills through the Versa Valley and the Scuropasso Valley at an altitude between 129 and 280 metres.


The very steep hills that are completely covered in vineyards distinguish itself from the rest of Oltrepo Pavese and also characterize its production. In fact, two of the most known Denominazioni d’Origine Controllata such as Sangue di Giuda and Buttafuoco are produced just in certain areas of Oltrepo Pavese in which Canneto Pavese is included. In the almost 500 hectares of vineyards the varietal most grown are red, but in the higher part a good percentage of white varietal are also grown.  Red varietals are more widely grown in almost 500 hectares of vineyards but in the higher parts of this area are also white varietals